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Dear IcarusTV customers,
As part of our efforts to provide the best service to our customers, we announce that IcarusTV will now be fully managed by AliboxTV.

What is better with AliboxTV?

  • TV Plus service now in HD for all TV channels, with time guide, and viewing of programs already broadcasted.

  • ┬áMore movies and TV series on demand.

  • Better performing customer service team

  • Better prices for our customers.

IcarusTV has always been part of the AliboxTV Group. The AliboxTV Group has worked hard to promote the quality of service with IcarusTV. Given the size of AliboxTV, with (82,000 customers), more efforts were put into AliboxTV, thus neglecting certain aspects of IcarusTV

We noticed that IcarusTV customers needed the same quality of customer service as AliboxTV.

I am already a customer with IcarusTV. What is going to happen to my account/subscription?

Your account is already transfered in the AliboxTV database.
You will not loose your TV subscription, or any orders you made.
The same guarantee applies. Your account will not be affected.